• 21st Century MRM
  • Complete, Affordable, On Demand!
  • Modern web based efficiency for the Not For Profit Sector

    • Are you looking at your website? your membership? your processes? your events? Sick of working in spread sheets and balancing data accross multiple databases?. Why not do it all at once in one modern system that is totally "to purpose" and more cost effective for the whole system and all support for your team - than a website alone in cost!
    • Imagine if every on line form you filled in on your website was prefilled with your own data so you only ever had to have put it in once - if the system online really knew you and gave you self service
    • Affordable advanced single system efficiency to run your Society or Association or Institute or Federation, Trust or Council Body, NGO, Iwi, National Sporting Body or any National/Regional body ...
    • Look no further, Memberconnex is increasingly the answer to even the smallest organisations needs and budget
    • No more spreadsheets, mulitple databases/mixed open source or separate communications tools to bottleneck your administration (limiting the growth of your organisation in either size or revenue), and saving huge amounts of time cost for all
    • Empower volunteer administration to the regions at no cost and empower your relevance and value to members online
    • The leading and most widely integrated for ease of use system in the market at the lowest cost model for volunteer based organisations with 0-3 staff, mid sized organisations with 5+ staff and for large Enterprise organisations, huge efficiency and cost reduction gains are in store
    • Remove a tremedous range of costs from time to annual renewals and subscriptions, from communication to events, education to professional development tracking, recievables to donations managment, hosting, website support, volumes of use, I.T support, development, integration, recievables auditing etc
  • Will Memberconnex help my organisation?

    Here's what Monique Pearson, Executive Director of the New Zealand Bar Association, has to say:

    " The introduction of the Memberconnex system has absolutely contributed to the recent transformation of the Association's public image and the way in which the Association communicates with its members. So many of our members and suppliers comment on the website's efficiency, ease of use, and attractive and professional layout."

    " The back end, which hosts members' information, is becoming more popular with members who are increasingly seeing the immense value to keeping their personal profiles up to date as well as being able to monitor the Association's activities through the events calendar."

    If you run an organisation and you want these results, please contact marks@cyberglue.com.

  • What will Memberconnex do for me?

    Imagine being synonymous with the growth and success of your members. That's the opportunity Memberconnex offers your association by:

    • Providing a single comprehensive view of members
    • Developing your understanding of members and membership needs
    • Extending your ability to serve and resource members online
    • Improving how you communicate and connect with members
    • Helping maximize your existent revenue streams
    • Helping unlock potential revenue opportunities
    • Eliminating multiple databases and data handling
    • Providing unprecedented levels of data gathering, data usage and information availability

    ... all from a complete,affordable,on demand MRM. It's the smartest, simplest way to keep members, donors, clients, affiliates and your public smiling.


    CRM or MRM - What's the difference?

    With member satisfaction top of mind for many association directors the quest for member relationship driven technology is gathering momentum. But are associations thinking CRM when they could be thinking MRM ? READ MORE

A client once gave a good analogy

"Using your system as our main organisation database, has meant we no longer have to build and own our own organisation 'vehicle', which is a good thing because we are not vehicle makers. Its like leasing the best vehicle on the market, but at the smallest vehicle cost and unlike a car lease, you provide all the servicing, driver training, the latest model every year, (and new features several times a year) without any cost for mileage. The system has removed lots of mixed systems and spreads, web site and operational costs, in favor of a single system to use on a low annual subscription that doesn't increase. We are not constantly going to the board for new funds or reviews, and we can get on with doing what we do best"

What is MRM?

MRM or Member relationship management is the power to know your members better (donors,clients,volunteers,public), to serve your members better and increase their satisfaction. An MRM system does this by capturing information from your interactions with members, allowing you to analyze this information to improve your services and communications. Armed with live personal preferences and interests of the public and members you can provide personalized relevance and value of membership information back to the individual preferences and in services use... Read More

What is 21st Century MRM?

Memberconnex introduces 21st century MRM - a 100% web based, seamless Membership Database, Membership Portal, and public Web site that makes it possible for associations to significantly improve their ability to attract and retain members. Read More

How will MemberConnex 21st century MRM help us?

MemberConnex 21st century MRM helps you build long term connections with your members because it makes it fundementally easier for you to harness your expertise, knowledge and resources. Read More

On-Demand is Software as a Service

To truly understand the benefits of Software as a Service, you might need a gentle mindset shift. First, think of it as a service you receive, not a product you purchase. Think of staying at a five star hotel, and enjoying all the facilities on offer.

You don't need to buy the hotel to do that - you focus on using the services for maximum benefit, without buying the award winning restaurant, or the swimming pool!

It's the same with SaaS (Software as a Service) you can focus on using the technology, without the hassle of owning it. Think of it, all the benefits, of infrastructure, none of the hassles of maintenance. Your users easily and securely access the system with their web browser - anytime and from anywhere.

Value not Cost

This type of service has changed the way software infrastructure is not only delivered, but also how it is supported and financed.

When you subscribe to the service, as you do with SaaS, you immediately remove the high capital outlay of a purchase, and free up resources for other things. You don't need to invest time and money for someone in your IT department to understand the "under the bonnet" software architecture, as we'll maintain it too, keeping your organizational processes streamlined and efficient.

No hardware or software to purchase, install or maintain - just a fantastic service to use and for your members to enjoy!

A Portal acts as a secure door into your organization and is a convenient way for your members to access the valuable information, resources and services you provide for them. A self service portal takes this one step further and makes maintaining a portal more convenient for associations.

Self service membership portals alleviate many of the pains associated with traditional membership management, because you put the power back in the hands of your members, to the extent you determine.

When members maintain their own details and profiles, it dramatically reduces your workload and improves the accuracy and relevance of the information your members provide.

The self service model fits hand in glove with the on demand nature of a membership  portal with better results for everyone.


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